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Malware Investigations
Malware or malicious software is a term used to describe programs or code that may harm your computer or gain unauthorized access to sensitive confidential information such as passwords.

The level of sophistication of the malware has increased over the years and companies who have a web presence are under a constant threat of infection. Malware authors will often exploit vulnerabilities within the company website or target employees of the company.

Orion Investigations can provide two levels of malware examinations.

Level 1 – An examination of the infected computer to identify when the infection occurred and the likely method of infection. Conduct an examination and testing of the malware itself to identify its functionality and if applicable, if it could be responsible for the presence of incriminating material on the computer.

Level 2 – Full reverse engineering of the malware and examination of the code to identify its full functionality and if possible where information is being sent to.

Computer forensics is the investigation of computers and digital storage devices for evidence that can include items such as live and deleted documents, Internet history, emails, instant chat conversations and financial records. It is the process of preserving, identifying, extracting, interpreting and reporting on electronic evidence. This has to be done in a forensically sound manner. This is achieved by using specialist forensic software and hardware to ensure no changes can occur to the electronic data.

Computer forensics is not restricted to just computers. It includes any digital storage device including, mobile phones, digital cameras, memory cards, pen drives, satnavs, CD’s and DVD’s.

Computer forensics can assist in all types of investigations, including employee misuse of computers, criminal investigations and fraud investigations.
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