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Orion Forensics is the computer forensics unit for Orion Investigations which is a commercial investigation company based in Bangkok, Thailand. We offer a full range of computer forensic services throughout Thailand and Asia. We work with local and international clients. In today’s international business world, such cross-border capabilities are often essential for the successful completion of an investigation.

Orion Investigations is managed by Peter and David Holmshaw. Peter and David have many years of experience in Thailand and place a high value on responsive customer service — always remembering that the client comes first and that the first stage of any investigation is to establish the client’s targets and agree upon an action plan to achieve these targets. During an investigation, the client is provided with regular progress updates and on completion of the investigation a full report will be produced along with the production of any supporting exhibits. The report is written in non-technical language.

Andrew Smith is Director of Computer Forensics Services at Orion. Andrew is an experienced forensic investigator with extensive training and comprehensive experience in relation to criminal, corporate, malware and counter terrorism investigations within the UK, Europe and Thailand. He has worked in the public sector with the South Yorkshire Police and also in the private sector with a leading UK computer forensics company. He is an experienced trainer having developed a number of forensic training courses and delivered master degree level forensic training. With over eleven years’ experience in the field of computer forensics Andrew has regularly appeared in court as an expert witness to present complex computer evidence.

Please contact us for more details on the full range of services that we provide. Our team of investigators, lawyers and computer forensic consultants are ready to assist you.

Our team of investigators, lawyers, computer consultants and business support staff are united by a common mission which is -
Mr.Andrew Smith
To be an effective, ethical, responsible, innovative and loyal organization providing services in the fields of Commercial Investigations, Computer Forensics and Intellectual Property Representation, setting and achieving the highest performance standards in our industry, constantly improving ourselves, having a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and recognizing that our clients’ satisfaction is the key to our successful future.
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