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Director Computer Forensics
Mr.Andrew Smith
Hello, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Andrew Smith and as part of Orion’s expansion of the computer forensics Hi-Tech Unit I have been appointed as the new Director of Forensic Services for Orion Investigations. I have been involved in computer forensics for nearly ten years within the UK. As a UK police officer I worked for four years as a Digital Evidence Recovery Officer before moving into the private sector.

My experience involves extensive training and comprehensive experience in relation to criminal, corporate, malware and counter terrorism investigations within the UK and Europe. I am also an experienced trainer having developed UK Law Society approved training courses and delivered master degree level forensic training. I have regularly appeared in court as an expert witness to present complex computer evidence.

As part of my new role I am aiming to raise awareness of computer forensics within Thailand and throughout Asia. With this in mind I will be aiming to use this blog to post short articles explaining what computer forensics is, why it is important and how it may be able to assist you as part of your own investigations, all in simple non-technical terms.

I would also like this blog to be a useful resource for computer forensic investigators. As a result from time to time I would like to post some technical articles that forensic investigators may find useful during the course of their investigations.

I hope you enjoy the postings and please feel free to leave your comments.

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