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Free forensic tools available for download
  • MemGator 3.1.0 - MemGator is a memory file analysis tool that automates the extraction of data from a memory file and compiles a HTML report for the investigator.
  • LiveGator - Orion Investigations have released LiveGator, an incident response tool that automates the collection of data from live computers.
  • USB Forensic Tracker USB Forensic Tracker (USBFT) is a comprehensive forensic tool that extracts USB device connection artefacts from a range of locations within the live system, from mounted forensic images, from volume shadow copies, from extracted Windows system files and from both extracted Mac OSX and Linux system files. USBFT has the ability to mount forensic images and volume shadow copies.
  • NTFS Journal Viewer NTFS Journal Viewer NTFS Journal Viewer (JV) is a portable tool that extracts and parses the NTFS change journal ($UsnJrnl) file. The change journal is a file that records when changes are made to files and directories and therefore can provide a wealth of information for the forensic investigator.
  • Window 8 Search History Extractor When you use the Window 8 search box to conduct searches, the system will automatically remember each search term.
  • Orion USB Write Blocker Orion USB Write Blocker is a software program that allows the user to either enable write protection for all USB devices that are connected to the computer or block USB devices completely.
  • VSS Unlock VSS Unlock allows a user to copy system protected files and files that have been locked by other processes. The user has the option to copy a single file or a directory containing locked files.
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