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In our experience it is often the case that professionals, who have to deal with digital evidence produced by forensic examiners, have received little or no training in relation to understanding that evidence. It is vital that lawyers, judges and police officers understand what is accepted best practice in relation to the gathering of digital evidence, the terminology used and issues surrounding subjects such as times and dates, metadata and Internet history.

Orion Forensics has devised a range of short training modules aimed specifically for legal professionals. The modules cover subjects such as the fundamentals of computer forensics, metadata associated with Microsoft Word documents, Internet history, file sharing programs and Skype. The training modules can be delivered either on your premises or at Orion Investigations.

When a corporation suffers a misuse of their computers by an employee the HR department will often turn to IT to try and ascertain what has taken place. To give the best possible chance of a successful outcome to the investigation, it is vital that the data on the computer is preserved in such a way to ensure no changes can occur to the contents of the hard drive.

Simply turning the computer on “to have a look” will cause changes to hundreds of system files. Directly accessing files to see the contents will again make changes to time and date stamps that may prove crucial to the investigation.

Orion Forensics can provide forensic awareness training for IT staff. The training will cover subjects such as the fundamentals of computer forensics, issues surrounding the gathering of digital evidence, training in the use of free forensic imaging tools and what steps need to be taken to prepare an incident response plan. By having at least one IT staff member trained in forensic awareness will ensure you are well equipped to deal with any incident that may occur.


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